All our cakes are made from scratch from the freshest ingredients available. If you would like help in choosing a good flavor combination we will be more than happy to assist you. Please feel free to contact us to set up a complimentary cake tasting for every wedding planning.
Cake Flavors
White (very light and fluffy cake)
Chocolate (light and moist with a rich chocolate flavor)
Red Velvet (unique taste with a hint of cocoa)
Almond Sour Cream (moist cake with a rich almond flavor, great with fruit fillings)
Pistachio (moist cake with a salty pistachio flavor, great with fruit fillings)
Apple (moist, dense cake, great with caramel icing)
Strawberry (made with fresh strawberries, this moist cake is great for the summer)
Lemon (rich cake with a subtle hint of lemons, add a little lemon buttercream and you have a winner or make it a lemon and strawberry swirled buttercream and you have a strawberry lemonade)
Orange Chocolate Chip (orange is a great compliment to chocolate, a must try)
Banana (moist cake with delicious bananas, try this with our banana fosters icing)
Pumpkin Chocolate Chip (Great for fall, the spices in this cake with wow anyone)
Pineapple (nothing says tropical like a pineapple cake, great with coconut, chocolate or a whipped icing)
Rum (great spiced cake with a rum butter syrup poured on while the cake is still warm)
Carrot (made with raisins and nuts to add a great texture to a great cake)
Spiced Buttermilk (great with a maple icing and sprinkled with bacon on top, yes I said bacon)
Cinnamon roll (moist yellow cake with a cinnamon, brown sugar and pecans swirled in)
New York (also with fruit toppings)
Apple Pie
Pineapple "right side up"
Buttered Pecan
Red Velvet
If you have a special request we will be more than happy to accommodate.
Buttercream (can be flavored in vanilla, chocolate, banana, almond, cookies and cream, lemon and many others)
Chocolate Ganache (a smooth, rich chocolate icing. Dark, Milk or white)
Cream Cheese
Whipped topping
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
Banana fosters
Dulce De Leche (a caramel made from milk)
Swiss Meringue Buttercream
Strawberry, Cherry, Blueberry, Raspberry, Banana cream, or any other fresh fruit that is available.
Gluten-Free Cakes
We are proud to offer gluten-free cakes starting at $3.50/serving
Banana almond (goes good with a whipped, dulche de leche, or caramel)
Red Velvet
Hazelnut Frangelico
Pricing: Our regular icing cakes start at $3/ serving and fondant* covered cakes start at $4/ serving.
We also provide 3d/sculpted cake that start at $4.50/serving.
Please keep in mind that this is a starting price that covers your cake and a border and any extra decoration will add to this cost. Please contact us so we can provide a better estimate.
All cakes are based on Wilton serving chart and party servings are larger than wedding servings but pricing is based on wedding servings. http://www.wilton.com/cakes/making-cakes/baking-wedding-cake-2-inch-pans.cfm
Cupcakes start at $2.50/each with a min of a dozen per flavor.
Please note that we can not offer cakes with lincesed products or images unless we have have prior approval from the copyright holder. If your would like a cake with copyrighted material you may purchase your own product and place it on the cake after delivery or we can decorate a cake that is inspired by a design but we can't make any copyrighted materials, images, or sculpted cake.
*Fondant is a sugar dough that can be flavored to compliment your cake and serves a few purposes. First it allows you to choose multiple flavors on separate tiered cakes and still have the same external look and finish. Second it provides a very smooth finish and can hide certain flaws that regular buttercream may show.
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